About Us

Updated: 2019-09-26

What is IGHOOT?

IGHOOT is a free web app which helps users to get likes/followers on Instagram. As we all know instagram is one of the best social networks out there right now for sharing photos/videos who doesn't want more social interactions? IGHOOT solves the problem of havlng less social media interactions.

IGHOOT provides many tools like auto like, auto follow, auto comment, auto comment likes, downloaders such as post downloader, profile pic downloader and many more tools for free of cost.

How it Works?

It is an exchange based platform. You will also get likes/followers and in exchange you will also provide other users the same.

The most advanced Instagram auto like tool.

We care about your privacy!

Important: You will not start following other users with logging into this site or using auto like tool.
If you use auto followers tool then your account will also start following other users who are looking for followers.